Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

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Creepy_Pasta_Girl_13 By Creepy_Pasta_Girl_13 Updated Aug 13, 2014

Hello my darling Pineapples. Yes you are all pinapples, feel happy. Anyways I've read so many of these I thought it would be fun to make one. Yea so. Hopefully I will post 2-3 a day. I'm hoping to make it to at least 50 chapter, this is just my goal. I want to make more.

Please don't be afraid to make requests. If you don't have a wattpad account e-mail me at

Yea, so thanks.

Doctor: I'm sorry but you have brain cancer 
                              SuDdEnLy PiNeApPlEs 
                              Doctor : well you Don't have brain cancer anymore
I needed that because I was Bullyed a lot at school for having a Brown eye and the other eye was a more bright green than my other and people said I was a monster
Me: Dad what are you doing here? I don't want you here get out its nasty!!!
                              Dad/Slenderman: BECAUSE IM FABULOUS!!!
KattJones4 KattJones4 Sep 23
Lolz!!!!! Of course they usually turn black when I sat re @ myself in the mirror then i blink & they're back to normal!
KattJones4 KattJones4 Sep 21
Kelly Clarkson..... so wait.....
                              If Slenderman doesn't kill u, how does he make u stronger if ur not training with him or another CP yet?!
My sisters older than me why tf can't she fight him while I run giving wimp