Belly of the Beast {Book 3}

Belly of the Beast {Book 3}

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Morgan Rider By neverfakeit Updated 2 days ago

Love can grow in the harshest environments, even on the mean streets of New York City. This is the place where something blossomed between two supernatural souls. One might call the pairing of Reese Kentwell and Vincent Valentino a match made in heaven, but they'd be wrong. After only three months of their passionate affair, the battle is just beginning when a reclusive collector appears on the scene. 

Dmitry Stepanov is not who he claims to be, other than diabolical and nuts. He's after something that belongs to Vincent - a rare artifact with the power to resurrect the dead. But he's also after something even more priceless; a supernatural being with the gift of eternal flame, and Vincent will do everything in his power to keep this nutter away from his precious.

In book three of the Stone in Love series, we rejoin our gollum soul-mates as they battle a mutual foe, and things get a little heated in the process. Belly of the Beast will reaffirm your belief that love conquers all.

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