Thick as Thieves (Book Two)

Thick as Thieves (Book Two)

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Lev Lyonne By Simply_Hiraeth Completed

Over the course of a week, Crow Crawford and Abner McNamara have managed to become wanted criminals, great explorers, and magicians with no magic. With a crew of both friends and foes, they are trapped in an ancient city that runs off secrets and trickery. Their relationship continues to grow, but so does the danger surrounding them and what they have discovered. The historian and the thief have another journey to make...and of course, things do not go as planned. 

	However, they are not the only McNamara and Crawford delving into the unknown. Back in New York City, the aspiring detective Elias and the established alcoholic Malachy have become an unlikely duo. They are searching for what happened to their brothers, discovering the beauty of magic and the mystery of why sometimes the world can be so very cruel. 

	Thick as Thieves is two stories in one, weaving together to conclude a tale of love, adventure, and finding strength in the incredible.