Race Relations

Race Relations

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Leila is a young and sexy magazine editor. Open minded and accepting of everything and everyone. She loves diversity, and she tries her best to surround herself with people that maintain that same value. Then she meets Nathaniel Harrington.

Nathaniel Harrington is the hometown boy, sort of. All his life his parents have told him to stay away from people that look different than him. And that's exactly what he did, he surrounded himself with people that looked like him and think like him, except for his cousin Mike, also his best friend and who enjoys everyone and everything.

When Nathaniel meets Leila, naturally he wish to stay away from her, she isn't like hm; yet he cant. Can Nathaniel forget about his parents instilled values and find his Own? Will he learn that no one is really that different?

  • comedy
  • interracial
  • love
I never thought I'd hear a term that irks me more than "mixed" itself. I say biracial. They're human beings; not dogs or a daggone cake.
Let's say idk what an olive looks like, so I can imagine her darker skinned😂😆 but I love the story, no disrespect intended
I’m not a mutt being 100 percent Mayan Indian but this boi about to die
No sis, he's a homophobe. Sometimes you can just tell when someone has an ought like that against you, without a word having to be said.
Adryennnn Adryennnn May 25
"😂😂😂😂twenty-tree" sorry that was funny😂😂😂😂
AieSummers AieSummers Jan 07
Rude. You can't be in her office and start judging her and her family