This Ain't Good

This Ain't Good

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Midoriya Izuku, a struggling teenager with too many voices in his head and not enough friends outside of it, has to sneak through his schooling at Yuuei and try stay out of trouble. But playing junior detective as well as antisocial loner can get you into all kinds of situations, what if his only get worse? An overpowered quirk packed with memories from a past life, a school life too scary and new for the veteran, and a villain on the loose with intent to not kill, but take; read if you want, your choice  :)

Izuku has major PTSD because his childhood sucked ass. Quirk!Deku, sorry for being so generic. This is my first fanfic so :')

Lots of references to some musicals. Some jokes. Sarcasm coming out my whazoo. Each chapter will hopefully be around 1,700 words, minimum. Updates will probably be inconsistent and janky (once a week?). I'm still young and just some doofus ameture/neophyte/dilettante/idiot/whatever you want to call me.

My kitten is snugglinf up to me while I'm listening to Owl City :)

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🔴I don't own Boku No Hero Academia in any way shape or form🔴

Have a good one :)

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