My Crazy Lover Boys (Yandere Yugi x reader x Yandere Yami)

My Crazy Lover Boys (Yandere Yugi x reader x Yandere Yami)

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Kaylove 62108 By Kloplove63708 Updated Sep 17

Yugi and Yami are just two regular high school boys living regular lives. Famous duelers who shared the same title, "King of Games". Even though, they're both famous, these two wanted something else; Love.

But what if they come across this girl and become deeply obsessed with her; by the name of (Y/n)? What if everyone wants her? What if some people want her away from them?

That will be unacceptable for them. They'll stop them at any cost, would they hurt them, mind-break them or worse, kill them with every might to keep them away from their beloved "girlfriend"? They'll do anything to mark her as theirs whether she likes it or not... she will be theirs... she doesn't have a choice.

*P.S. This is my first time writing a story like this so go easy on me. And I don't own any of these pics, they all belong to it's rightful owners.