Strawberry Milkshakes K.TH & J.JK

Strawberry Milkshakes K.TH & J.JK

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Working at a diner/cafeè is a fairly easy job, serving customers, socializing and always having a laugh. The atmosphere was kind and comforting yet oddly friendly. 

One day while Jungguk was wiping down the counter top, 
the sound of the doors little bell was heard upon opening and in walks someone new, someone who is just his type. 

Taehyung a Gucci model has it all. Fame, money and friends. But during one of the many photo shoots he was getting frustrated at the fact that the photographer was displeased with how the photos were coming out

Once the shoot was over he went to a diner/cafeè  his friend had suggested, upon walking in the bell chimed a little and he went to sit down at the now clean counter top. 

With this new customer jungguk gets shy but wanted to ask what was wrong, but The only way he knew how was well - find out when reading.

Top Tae 
Bottom Kook

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