Transmigrated Into A Novel As The Demon King Villian

Transmigrated Into A Novel As The Demon King Villian

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FujoshiShips4Ever By Kreisal Updated Apr 18

Michael Gremwall is a rational man.

So one day, when his best friend gave him a book to read, he was suspicious at first but then succumed to the other's pleads and read it.

So when it ended up to be a fantasy harem novel with the protagonist having a hundred wives, what is the rational thing to do?

Throw it to your friends face and call it a disgusting book. And now what's the rational thing to happen?

Definitely not being transmigrated into that said book!!! And 100% not as the Demon King Villain!!!

Now follow Michael as he tries to rule a nation, evade a war, master magic, explore the magical world, befriend the demon race with the human race and definitely avoid the protagonist!

Authors note//

This book is boyxboy so if you don't like it, don't read it.
Also the romance is still pretty far from the beginning of the story.

The picture is not mine and all credit go to its maker. Picture will be replaced as soon as edited.