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Batman is my boss?...

Batman is my boss?...

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xxbatmanbabyxx By xxbatmanbabyxx Updated Jun 14

Lucy has worked at Bruce's company for almost three years now but he has yet to knowledge her. But then again she was easy to over look she wasn't beautiful and she wasn't ugly.....she was......."average". Lucy knew there was no way he would ever notice her, but was she wrong? What happens one cold winter's night when he has to save her from the one and only Joker??!!!  And their eyes just so happen to meet?........ please continue to read if you're  interested if not...... i guess that's ok.........   
 I really like Batman so i decided to use him in my story also there is romance between Batman (Bruce Wayne) and my OC. This is my first story so I would love any feedback you may have and yes even the disrespectful and hurtful kind (don't worry i can take it)  Thanks for at least reading the description!!!!!!!!

mulangirl223 mulangirl223 Jul 16, 2016
really, he said it just like that, well he's being a dick. no offence. but I think its great. but If he put it a better way then he wouldn't, but if he did say it like that then he's a dick.
v_noelle12 v_noelle12 Jul 07, 2016
Well he lied because this is a very good story, I'm proud of you and all the other writers on Wattpad!!!! Have a good one
Moonsteller Moonsteller Mar 27, 2016
The story really good and if you are thinking about making it into a really good book for wattpad in the future. Then go back to it when you done with the whole book and add more detail.  But other than that it's really good.
SkyWingandRedHood SkyWingandRedHood Apr 20, 2016
shes air head like sailor moon and like I was in high school but I was more harley quinn haha! I love the story though haha
RosalinaWaters RosalinaWaters Sep 14, 2016
Actually Bruce do smile sometimes but .... Batman don't. 😑
melanieareia melanieareia Mar 25, 2016
If you friend doesn't appreciate this amazing story...don't be surprised if he "accidentally" falls in a well 
                              I'm kidding by the way, but I really like this story.