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Changed me

Changed me

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Shh_shomalllyy By Shh_shomalllyy Updated Jan 04

Time was standing annoyingly still and I think I may have forgotten how to properly breathe.  	"Panda you have to come sit down pacing is not going to-" pushing my hand out I stopped him from saying anything. I stopped him from confirming the knowledge that there is nothing I can do to make this better.  I pulled at my hair ripping a couple of strands out in the process. 	I hated the white walls and fluorescent lights that adorned this place. The squeaky sound that could be heard whenever anyone walked and right now I was causing a lot of squeaking.  The strong smell of disinfectant burning my nose but none of it matter right now not any of it.   	"Where is he?" I heard the voice and my blood immediately started to boil.  	"You did this" was the last thing I said before I flew and was on top of his mom hitting her wildly. So much for not liking confrontation.

ShaliyahMiles ShaliyahMiles Jul 01, 2016
Negro please. Unless you buying me Wendy's or something I'm not sitting in here during my lunch period. I don't know what you thought this was
Okay so I've bern looking for a story that would catch my eye. And this one did. As soon as i saw it i wanted to read it. The first chapter was great and i feel like i should read it over again so i can feel that effect that it just gave me.
Herithabell61 Herithabell61 Dec 30, 2016
I hate when people say this, like bitch u not being specific enough
The-Fan-Hoe The-Fan-Hoe Nov 20, 2016
I literally have to deal with this at school almost everyday of my life...Nigga ain't nobody playing games, this ain't Xbox 360 shut up.
Jerrekaaa Jerrekaaa Jun 05, 2015
Then I would cry, not because I was scared, or sad. No, they would be tears of joy. Because a hot boy doing that to me is like a little christmas miracle.
Jerrekaaa Jerrekaaa Jun 05, 2015
If a hot boy did that too me I would die. I would legit fall on the floor and die. Not even joking.