The Magic  {HarryPotter}

The Magic {HarryPotter}

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When your life gets turned upside down, you never thought it would as scary as Ella thought it was; going to Hogwarts and not knowing anyone there, or not knowing any magic.  But you see, Ella was different. She was different from every single student from Hogwarts. She is rare- one of a kind. She was even more rare and scared than her best friend, Harry Potter.

(Harry Potter FanFiction)
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ElfLalalala6 ElfLalalala6 Jul 25, 2017
When your names Ella, "I guess I have to read this book now!" 8D
IsNotAboutHe IsNotAboutHe Jul 28, 2017
Hmm... I have a question *raise her hand*
                              Is a love story of Harry Potter fanfic??
hqppypie hqppypie Mar 01, 2016
The moment when you realize your rereading with out knowing in the first place
TheAwkwardPandabear TheAwkwardPandabear Jun 25, 2016
Me every time I stumble upon my old writing. *cringes immensely*
Emily-Bennett Emily-Bennett Feb 10, 2016
So Lord Voldemort is a women Or Professor Dumbledore?
                              Hell yeah they had sex I knew it
Alodiassi Alodiassi Dec 25, 2015
I'm confuse. How did they made her? It's weird. It gives me goosebumps. But great. At least you have an originality to do your story ☺