Wattpad Letters: A Vintage Twist into a Modern Love Story ✔

Wattpad Letters: A Vintage Twist into a Modern Love Story ✔

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Sue Rose Levy By eliyeda Completed

[Completed Story] After losing her editor job, thirty-one-year-old Sally Ross finds herself broke, depressed, and living back at her mother's house in Idaho. To forget the traumatizing events she left in New York and avoid the stark reality of her life now, Sally finds refuge on Wattpad until 'Shaun Jonas' starts stalking her on the forums. As a result, she avoids him like the plague until the day she accidentally sends him a critique meant for another writer.

Hiding behind his pen name, twenty-year-old Shaun finds himself genuinely interested in Sally-a first for him. A poetry writer himself, Shaun uses Wattpad to cope with the hurt and anger of his past chaotic life. Now, at the risk of ruining his safe-space, he reaches out to Sally hoping to find another broken soul to connect with.

This is the story of what happens when a chance encounter turns a stranger into the catalyst for overcoming your past shame, your safe-haven, and maybe even so much more.

Triggers: Mature Language and Sexual Language/Content

[Cover by @witchoria]
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Reviewed by Majestic Inc Reviews and Edits
"I love this book, it deserves more reads [...] this book is very original in my opinion. I haven't seen anything like it before." ~ Rafee_Tafee
"I'm loving Wattpad Letters SO MUCH. Seriously, you've got a really great concept here, and your writing is amazing. I really love the mash-up between the real-world and the online world." ~ Rachelle_Rachelle_
"I got no idea how this amazing book has this small amount of reads. Honestly, it's the best story I have read. This is so unique and God ... I'm wordless but it's beautiful." ~ alwysdreaming1

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