Eren x reader

Eren x reader

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 chapter one 


Eren. Prince eren the person you loved so much but because your a maid you know a maid can't be with a some with better class. But in a way you thought maybe it was possible. But only if he likes you back. And there are story begins. 


Knock knock 

"Prince eren time to get up" and maid said in a beautiful maid out fit. "Prince eren?" She knocks again after a while of waiting the maid decide to open the door when she did there. The prince soundly asleep. The maid walk over to the big curtains and opened them up. "Prince eren" she said saintly tipping him. "Huh?...(y/n)?" "Yes prince eren?" She said while bowing "(y/n) reminder what I said if it's just you and me just say eren okay?" Sighing and getting up. "Yes of course pri- I mean your. Father is having a meeting and he said to look nice so I picked out you best one" you said getting out a outfit. Eren supply nodded and walked over to you "you know (y/n) I've always thought yo...

Yumi_Tanaka Yumi_Tanaka May 04, 2017
It reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, no, it doesn't, it reminds me of Cinderella and her prince
HeheItsGlaxy HeheItsGlaxy Dec 06, 2017
Bitch I can get a better job then that, not that I want to, I would never leave Eren!
                              I did not meant to be rude author~Chan
Lyse1603 Lyse1603 Oct 05, 2017
I hate it when people touch my hair... but it's Eren so yeah
Captain_Acedia Captain_Acedia Feb 06, 2016
No....I'm no maid.....I'm a neko that has dragon slayer magic!!! FEAR ME!!!!
TaeTae_Forever_01 TaeTae_Forever_01 Oct 12, 2016
PandaPolitician PandaPolitician Jun 20, 2016
Reminds me of every ciel X reader ever, except ciel is a perv...