The Threadmistress and the Teddy Bear

The Threadmistress and the Teddy Bear

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Skully By Skully_x Updated Jan 29, 2019

What to expect?

Its a novel with heroes, villains and superpowers in an alternate Earth. The setting is 2024 with similar tech and culture to the real world but with the massive historic twist which can impact parts of society massively and leave others unchanged.

A main part of the plot will revolve around mysteries. In both the daily life and the underlying theme.

The heroine is smart but starts off weak. No wishy-washy MCs or dumb MCs with incredible luck. Expect smart MC (not genius) who grows in ability but is not OP. They will always have a weakness. In fact, all heroes and villains have at least one weakness.

The story revolves around the heroine and her teddy bear, no spoilers here, read the first chapter. The story should appeal to both male and female readers.

Plot: Mystery
Subplot: Action/Adventure
Subplot: Romance, mostly flirting, overtures and harsh rejections in the first volume.
Theme: Alternate Earth with mutant (super) powers

The story is inspired by things like Hero (Boku no) Academia, Marvel, DC, Heroes and movies like Ted and Netflix series Happy. But to my knowledge, there is nothing quite like this story anywhere.

Mature Content: Swearing in dialogue. Mild content, fit for 12+ with parental supervision.

Schedule: 2 to 3 chapters per week. 4k to 8k words per week.