Phoenix Trilogy: Part 1 Essence

Phoenix Trilogy: Part 1 Essence

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Phoenix By PhoenixRising2372 Updated Apr 08

Alec is a guardian of the worlds sent to Earth for his final trial. He meets a witty but unknowingly ignorant girl, Cass and her childhood friends Damon and Del. Although he is on Earth to learn and understand the human race he becomes too close to let go. Trying to protect Cass from an ancient bloodline of witches he bonds his souls to hers, awakening a mist that was kept locked away since the beginning of our time. He forms unlikely friendships and unravels a mysterious prophecy but can he prevent it from coming true before it's too late?

A Fantasy adventure with all the supernatural works. A boy born of damnation, a girl born of light, a star of a being, guardians and....well, you have to read to find out what else. Magic and mystery telling a story of how the world could be. 

Just a little preview as I'm still creating. Please let me know your thoughts!!!!

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