Getting Under Nathan

Getting Under Nathan

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Tessa By tessa-x Completed

A year ago, Isobel's ex-boyfriend told her long distance never works. Luckily, she's not in too much of a position to find out if he was right. But even though she's living in the same city as Nathan, they're both in completely different places in their lives. 

Nathan has a full-time job, with an attractive ex-flame as his assistant. Isobel is at university, partying a lot, meeting new people and having her eyes opened to different experiences. 

The time apart threatens to take its toll on their relationship, unless Isobel can find a way to get back under Nathan's skin and keep the romance alive.

**Contains sexual content**

[Sequel to Getting Over Matt but can also be read as a standalone novel]

user1234qwer user1234qwer Nov 09, 2016
I actually thought of Jack Maynard at first but I don't know if he's from London TBH haha
ClaireBear12 ClaireBear12 Sep 28, 2016
I love learning the different words y'all use and how different it is over there
RaysofKays RaysofKays Jul 05, 2016
Ugh I would hate that!!! Especially if I lives an a apartment
Taco_For_Calum Taco_For_Calum Oct 10, 2016
Tell em boy bye boy bye
                              Middle fingers up, IM NOT GOING WITH YOU SO SUCK MY PENIS
GabbyMichelle_ GabbyMichelle_ Aug 02, 2016
& this, ladies and gentleman, is what we like to call "peer pressure".
bruhness bruhness Aug 26, 2016
Usually, with this author, the chapter names are other people's sentences so we're all good lol