Neptune Road I

Neptune Road I

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Betsy Streeter By betsystreeter Completed

A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY -- After a few false starts, Earth has managed to terraform Neptune into a habitable planet. Now every misfit, hacker, criminal, improvised life form and leftover seems to find a way there. Looking for a new start? Running from a murder investigation? Orphaned? Maybe Neptune is the place for you. 

The air and sunlight are borrowed, the surface is unstable, and the people are - inventive. Welcome to NEPTUNE ROAD.

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In this first collection, we meet many of the central characters - and they meet each other. Sam Brubeck arrives on Neptune having ditched Earth and under suspicion for the murder of his mother. He meets the crew of an improvised vessel called the Tumbleweed, and finds that remaining anonymous on Neptune is going to be tougher than he thought. Add in a nine-year-old orphan roboticist, a cyborg with a telly for a head and an attitude, and an agent with an intriguing identity, plus a lot of tangled history - and technology, all on an unstable planet - and here we go.

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fivemoes fivemoes May 26, 2017
1970 Chevy nova? I used to drive one. This just gets better and better!
TimmyWell TimmyWell Apr 20, 2015
It sings in the very brief words that it uses.  You've managed to use the ordinary experience of listening to a radio and transport it to outer space.  It's very good.
marleyrose16 marleyrose16 Feb 18, 2015
I think your a really good author and was wondering if you could review my piece. I'm new so I don't have any followers yet and I've only written the first chapter. My book is Generation 255 and I would really like if you took the time to read it. Thanks so much! Have a great day.
destini_fab48 destini_fab48 Feb 16, 2015
Wow I already like this and I am only on the second page wow BEST BOOK EVER I.......MEAN IN THE WORLD
maxd01 maxd01 Dec 15, 2014
Oh man, this looks like it is going to fit my personality perfectly.  I can't wait to continue reading it.
ActionsGivesResults ActionsGivesResults Nov 12, 2014
Just starting to read this and the blurb got me totally hooked.