His Deadly Girl | √

His Deadly Girl | √

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"L-Listen, buddy, I-I don't do l-love and a-all that c-crap," I breathed, willing my knees to not give up under his intense gaze.

He gave me one of those rare breathtaking smiles of his, "Are you sure?"

I nodded, too quickly.

"Then," he murmured softly, trailing a finger down my cheek, "why are you shivering right now?" his other hand ran through the length of my arm, "why do you have goose bumps?" he leaned further down, bringing his enticing lips closer to mine, "why is your heart racing?" his eyes finally flicked to my lips, "and, why do you want to kiss me too?" he smirked, catching me staring at his lips.
No one in Bellwood knows who Kristin is or what her past is. She comes with way too many secrets, sass and comebacks. No one dares question her or cross her path, too afraid of the shady vibes she radiates.

Alex is someone who can't take crap from anyone and has slight anger issues. Apart from his own group of friends, mostly everyone keeps out of his path, too afraid to become victim to his dry humor, broodiness or even worse his punches and blows. 

What happens when these similar personalities cross path? Collision and collusion! 
Alex can see right through her lies, has the ability to chip away the walls she has built around her heart and more than anything, he holds the power of igniting feelings in her. This is something Kristin can't afford if she wants to keep her secret safe or to not let anyone get killed.

Both want something and both are stubborn about getting it. Who will win and who will lose?

Cover by @radioheaddd-

Highest ranking: #1 in humor, love story, #3 in teen fiction...

Started: 27th January 2019
Completed: 2nd April 2019

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