Assassin's Love (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier Fan Fiction)

Assassin's Love (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier Fan Fiction)

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<3 Kacey <3 By Big_turd_blossom Completed

The forest was calm, nothing was moving. There were no animals around, no wind, no movement. Everything was still and silent. 

This made Agent MacKenzie Anderson uneasy. Her sage green eyes flickered from tree to tree, bush to bush, as she scanned her surroundings. 

Suddenly, he fell from the trees above her. She started to pull the gun out of the holster on her thigh but the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, slammed her into the nearest tree, holding a knife to her neck. 

"Who are you and why are you following me?" The soldier asked, looking into her unbelievably beautiful eyes. 

"My name doesn't matter." Mackenzie spoke softly, wearing a warm smile. 

"It does when I have people hunting me." Barnes hissed. "What country do you work for? America, Scotland, Ireland, England, Ukraine, Russia, which one?" 

"None of them." 

"I'm not in the mood for games, kid. Which country and what agency!" Barnes growled. He was trying to get SHIELD and HYDRA off of his trail. 

"I work for America, S...

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VictoriaKinney VictoriaKinney Mar 27, 2017
But Clint has a wife 😂😂😂 I'm so confused 😂😂😂
mcrarmy5 mcrarmy5 Jun 28
Shut up! Everybody shut up. Don’t move don’t speak don’t breath. Anderson face the other way you’re putting me off.
Juli_Hertel Juli_Hertel Mar 26, 2017
Ward is a hot bad boy. I liked hin since the first episode Agents of Shield and I still like him even if he is a Hydra agent :)
SaturnSoCoolioYep SaturnSoCoolioYep Oct 08, 2016
No. NO. I shipped Clintasha too for a while but in AGE OF ULTRON I stopped because he has A LOVING WIFE AND CHILDREN.
marielikesbarakat marielikesbarakat Jun 03, 2016
I'm trying so hard not to laugh rn cause my mom is in the same room
I saw read it again and saw boyfriend and I swear I got wiplash