I've Fallen For My Brother's Best Friend (boyxboy)

I've Fallen For My Brother's Best Friend (boyxboy)

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"We met after my brother's football practice; to me, we were only 6 or 7 years old. He was a great friend,  and a brother in disguise. Never did I think years later I would be falling head over heels for him! OH GOD AM I GAY??? No, this can't be it: its gotta be a phase! I just broke up with my girlfriend two months ago; I mean, what's there to like about him? For one, he's a COMPLETE asshole: he's a literal jock made over; but he's not always like that. Maybe it was those green eyes; or the way he laughs. When he plays sports, he gives it his all. Maybe his hair or those six pack abs that glisten in the sun when he comes out of water; and the way his body is constantly tan and....Awwww shit, I think I'm falling for my brother's best friend..."

Innocent, sweet, yet witty Riley Hamilton is a junior in high school. He's popular, has the looks, funny, girls drool in his direction and some guys wish they were him, but Riley can't seem to take his eyes off his brother, Logan's, best friend Chase Sanders. 

Riley isn't sure how he feels, but he does know that when he's around Chase, it's like the world stops and a feeling inside of him wants to burst...
what's a boy to do when he's falling for his brother's best friend?...

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Sorry for not updating soon, I promise to have it in there as soon as possible. @hipster4lovely
My brother and I are 4 yrs and 1 day apart. October 14 and October 13
That's ridiculous!! Who wouldn't like BxB!!! It's sooooo cute!!!!
I got a grotesque body. Don't even get me started on hair control
Damn!! When your brother is savage and you fall for his Best friend!! 😅😅😁
Sweet_Nox Sweet_Nox Jul 18
Omg there's something wrong with me. I read back flips as buttflips 😂🙏🏼