Not Your Typical Love Story (Sonic x Reader x Sonic.Exe)(DELAYED POSTING)

Not Your Typical Love Story (Sonic x Reader x Sonic.Exe)(DELAYED POSTING)

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~Wild Style 23~ By wildstyle23 Updated 5 days ago

"An adventure of lifetime in a different world is waiting for you..."

You are an ordinary girl /(boy), in an ordinary world, in a MESSED UP LIFE. 

Over the years, nothing has changed. Your parents are still arguing, your friends are still being fake, and your school life is like a living hell. 

Yep. Harsh, right? 

You always do nothing but to imagine that your life is perfect. But it isn't.  So, you decided to step it up and you devoted your time in reading comics and playing video games. 

You have lots of video games, but the two games that you love the most are no other than the famous blue blur and the most popular creepy pasta game of all time... 

"Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Sonic.Exe".

You are a great fan of these games. And you always play them like, everyday! You were happy, but things around you started to get worse, and worse, until one night, you made a wish you never thought would come true.~

-PG 12+
-Mention of blood
-Light gore
-Light swearing
-Contain moments that make your stomach feel like there are butterflies in it

~Read to find out what happened!

This story is made for girls, but boys can read too if they want to. I changed things here. You'll see...

I am deeply sorry for any mistakes made in the story. I am trying to improve and I am starting to learn new things.

All rights reserved. 

I do not own anything here but the plot, the title, and my OCs. All of the characters here belong to their rightful owners, SEGA, The Sonic Team, and Archie Comics. 

Sonic.Exe, Tails.Exe, Sark, and all of the other Exe's belong to their rightful owners. 

Anyone who copies or distributes this book without any permission from me will be taken down or reported immediately. 

Thank you and enjoy your day! ^w^
~Wild Style 23