Enemies with benifits

Enemies with benifits

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love_life100xx By love_life100xx Completed

Hi:) so this is Enemies with Benefits (obviously?!) lol um this is the first book I'm writing, except for one but I am going to delete it so it doesn't really count, I am not an actual author so I will not be very good at the story but please give it a chance. Sorry about all spelling mistakes! and grammar mistakes! Just try and figure it out if you can lol 

As for the characters, I am kind if leaving it up to the reader (if any) to picture the person without me explaining it in the story because I probably won't do that, so here the main characters are...

Lucy, who is 17 nearly eighteen and she looks a but like Lucy hale or Nina dobrev, but you can choose

Ryan, who is also 17 nearly eighteen but older than Lucy, and he looks like the guy off the movie... another Cinderella story, the one with Selena Gomez in it lol

Emma, who is Lucy's best friend, and looks like Ashley benson (hanna off Pretty little liars) 

Josh, who looks like Jason dilirentis (Alison's big brother from pretty ...

Decent, entertaining.  Drop lol and (sarcasm) , the text needs to speak for itself.
                              I could read this book. Good luck.
thekrazykat thekrazykat Sep 09
this sounds way too much like another story with pretty much the same theme....
You spelled his name wrong, it's Jason Dilaurentis.
                              Just sayin, don't hate.
"Who are you!?" The funk
                                 "I'm Joey Parker" lol love the movie
Joey Parker !!! I remember when I was young I thought he was hot. Ewwww
dreamingbae dreamingbae Jul 07
You said hale and my mind instantly turned on (it's really late)