Trapped (Ryden)

Trapped (Ryden)

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This is a Ryden fanfic but probably not in the way you're thinking. 

George, AKA Georgie, AKA Georgia Ryan Ross. She's just your average teenage girl. Except she's not, not really. Never has been and never will be. George struggles with Gender Dysphoria and this is the story of how he struggles through life. 

(I suck at writing descriptions sorry)

  • alcohol
  • atd
  • atthedisco
  • brendonurie
  • brentwilson
  • depression
  • drugs
  • falloutboy
  • genderdysphoria
  • jonwalker
  • panic
  • patd
  • patrickstump
  • petewentz
  • ryanross
  • ryden
  • selfharm
  • spencersmith
  • trans
  • transgender
HoldMeTightOrDont HoldMeTightOrDont Oct 09, 2017
I mean my family drives from Georgia to Minnesota almost every year...
                              It’s cheaper
r-omanholiday r-omanholiday May 20, 2017
                              So G
                              So Ga
                              So Gay
HoldMeTightOrDont HoldMeTightOrDont Oct 09, 2017
When I was two I made little footprint cast things for my dad out of like concrete or something and I still don’t know how I remember that
... were you throwing a line out to sea? To see if you could catch a dream?
plutoxryanross plutoxryanross Nov 20, 2017
When I was four, I always wore shorts, and a plaid shirt, and I would always go outside with my brothers and play Cops and Robbers, or I would sit inside and watch SpongeBob or Batman
-Into-The-Stars- -Into-The-Stars- Oct 15, 2017
hAH  you think that's much.
                              Three days, no staying in hotels. In a car. NY to CO.