Superstar and Ordinary People

Superstar and Ordinary People

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Superstar and Ordinary People

Original Title: 综艺小白和三栖巨腕

Author: Su Youbing【酥油饼】

Category: Comedy, Friendship, Romance, Showbiz, Drama, Adapted to Drama

Content: 81 Chapters

Introduction: This was a story of a bunny rabbit who wanted to earn a fortune. He accidentally entered the entertainment industry and met a big wolf who was eager to eat rabbit meat. In addition to the wolf and the rabbit, there was a pair of planned CPs and also a pair of unplanned CPs. ⊙﹏⊙b

Disclaimer: We don't own this story. All credits to Su Youbing. No spoilers please. We haven't read the entire novel. Please bear in mind that most of us are not native Chinese and English speakers and we are beginners in terms of translating novels. Please do not re-post this without our approval. We are open to feedback and correction so please feel free to send us a message anytime. Please support the author by reading the story in its original language.

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