My Brother's sex slave

My Brother's sex slave

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LyLy🤘🏾 By Xxwalt_disneyxX Updated Dec 04, 2014


Why me? out of all the days my parents picked to leave it had to be on the day of my birthday. This is also the day my brother decided to make me be his sex slave not ask me, make as in if I didn't he would make my life hell. Now that my Parents are leaving me ALONE here with my brother he has a reason to have sex with me or should I say rape cause i'm turning fourteen and he is sixteen. I am fourteen and he wants to have sex with me like seriously he could  have every girl in the world and but he picks me.

" dad don't go I can't stay with him please." I said holding onto his leg  yeah this might sound childish but would you want to stay with your brother who wants you to have sex I don't think so.

" Amy Marie Styles we have to catch our flight before it leaves now let me go." my dad said trying to shake me off his leg. He looked up at Harry hoping that he could get me off. I felt arms go around my waist and I was tugged from my dad's leg.

" NOOOOO!" I screamed struggling...

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I woulda said “there are more times to go to Africa but nooo you had to go on my birthday....well I might just end up in bloody Antartica on your birthdays and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day... so ha”