(Darkness Lurks Within The Heart) Funtime foxy x (Depressed)reader

(Darkness Lurks Within The Heart) Funtime foxy x (Depressed)reader

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Silky By Silky4Life Updated Oct 12

(Y/N)=Your name) got rejected from multiple jobs...also her sister (S/N) but when they both stumble into a new job in the night time 
(S/N)=sister name) isn't sure about the Job because it says not responsible for death and blah blah blah but you need money so you both apply and what do ya know YOU BOTH GET THE JOB YAYYYYY and(also you are  depressed)someone is watching you secretly from the shadows...someone purple...murderous


I don't own fnaf sl or any characters except my character Silky Fetal,Jackie Fetal,Pastella and Ashley aka the MUSIC DEMON(Ashley and silky are like the only people I own in this book who have powers because Silky is a shy peaceful witch with healing and some power with of freakin course purple in it,and Ashley is a demon with demon wings and horns while always listening to music and making music[like Lucio from overwatch])
And I don't own Doki Doki Literature Club


Hope you enjoy also please check out my friends account her username is XxOnesiexX(she is not on anymore until further notice)
 so yeah hope you enjoy I really try hard at making the book while making short and really long chapters so please enjoy my hard work and feel free to leave some feedback causebim working on becoming a writer and write like horror comedy,well some game books to if I get permission from the owners of the games hehe,but anyways hope you enjoy and please help me improve my YouTube channel which is "Crystal Witches Of Cups" but I'll change it to Silky_Zoi because why not so bye