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Ava Larksen By AvaLarksen Updated 5 days ago

"Are you done feeling me up?" he rumbled. 

I looked up, having to tip my head back to see him better. 

Awareness arced from him to me, a crackling, sizzling, living thing that sparked every place on my body that touched his. Heat-hot, suffocating heat-swirled in my chest and burned the breath in my throat. 

His eyelashes, thick and long, shadowed the color of his eyes as he studied me intently. I still didn't know the color of his irises. His face and neck were covered by a scruffy beard and locks of unruly black hair. He looked brutal and wild, yet startling in his good looks.

Varen Crowther was a hunter and a thief. A soul stealer and a death-dealer. An enforcer who ruled the crime lords and the cartels of the world for the dark sect we were born to serve - The Horned Gods.

He was heir to the oldest and most ruthless House within our world.  And also a jerk with a cocky smirk.

I was a servant to those high ranking families of Upper and Lower Houses. Someone seen but never noticed. Exactly what I needed to survive, because hidden deep inside me was a secret no one could ever learn. 

This weekend I was going to steal something of worth to break a dark curse. Unfortunately, he had the same idea. 

RISING is a stand-alone spin-off to the Little Bird series. It can be read at any time during BOUND + CAGED. It also can be also be considered a prequel to BOUND. ;-D

Series order:-
BOUND Little Bird (Book One)
CAGED Little Bird (Book Two)

A stand-alone spin-off from the 'little bird' series:-

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