Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters

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Seventeen-year-old Reed had never believed in the concept of destiny and love, so when her best friend dragged her in a search for their "soulmates" one Saturday night, Reed knew it wasn't going to end well. 

She couldn't have been more right, seeing as:

a.) Her best friend, convinced she had found her soulmate, disappeared with some random guy. 
b.) Said best friend had Reed's purse and the car keys, leaving her no choice but to accept said random guy's friend's offer to look for their missing companions together.
c.) Said random guy's friend was annoying, arrogant, and recklessly impulsive.
d.) Oh, and he was hot, too.

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NicolePrelle00 NicolePrelle00 Oct 28, 2017
I mean i still doubt it but i lovee reading books with happy ending soo thanks
does anyone know where i can find the restricted word list for wattpad ranking?
lightlessly lightlessly Aug 25, 2017
and this is why you're one of my favourite authors. I can't wait to read this story. ❤️❤️
It might bother me if I see it too much but I should be fine.
thecrazyreader08 thecrazyreader08 Nov 05, 2017
I love you. One of my friends introduced to your story THH and I fell completely in love with your work..
ttriniteaa ttriniteaa Aug 19, 2017
                              aka a warning that i'll end up crying at least once during this book. *shaky sigh*