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What If. . . (Kuroko no Basket Scenarios)

What If. . . (Kuroko no Basket Scenarios)

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ア ビ ー バ ニ テ ィ By AbbieVanityCakes Updated Dec 26, 2016

What if your Kurobas boyfriend . . . ?

⇝ requests are always open , comment or private message me .

⇝ warning : mild-lemons , humor , fluff and ooc !

⇝ enjoy !

StrawBarryMuffins StrawBarryMuffins Jun 05, 2016
What if they found out that you're sad and depressed and your distancing yourself from them?
kiakki44 kiakki44 Jul 13, 2016
What if you use their favorite  perfume~
                              I don't know if you like this :)
-tendou -tendou Jun 05, 2016
They reacted to knb/anime memes??? Idfk, but some of them are hilarious XD
acinaj_1434 acinaj_1434 Jan 19
What if they comforted you...i know it's kinda mainstream hehehe
Rora_chan14 Rora_chan14 Jun 06, 2016
What if someone catcalled you since that is a thing that happens
LingLIngHondaCivic LingLIngHondaCivic Jun 05, 2016
What if they called u by their ex's name + imoyashi and others