S a t i n  S h i r t s

S a t i n S h i r t s

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She writes all night.

He flirts with girls all night.

But when they come together in his room... the Cool Boy of the school and the Socially Inept Girl share a bed and make the night theirs.

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"equilibrium" is almost a curse word to me now that i've taken AP chemistry
and-peggy and-peggy Oct 28
roses are red
                              violets are blue
                              I have 5 fingers
                              and the third one is for you
ClemLucian ClemLucian Oct 15
We can all play this game,  I'm Clemence Luciana Capucine Leila Hego heck guess who wins now?
my name's ethan so by that logic can i get an award for having one of the most common names ever?
Am I the only one that thinks it isn't Marie's fault she didn't know he was taken but he knew