S a t i n  S h i r t s

S a t i n S h i r t s

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I'm Negan By xPureChances Completed

She writes all night.

He flirts with girls all night.

But when they come together in his room... the Cool Boy of the school and the Socially Inept Girl share a bed and make the night theirs.

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exttra exttra Jul 29
Well now I think he's of course a player and that he's playing with her.
exttra exttra Jul 29
Am I missing something here...? Your wearing his shirt and you know him....?
I've never been this confused since looking at my eyebrows then at Instagram. How do they get such perfect brows?
CrazyForzDaBookz CrazyForzDaBookz 4 days ago
Little do you know how im breaking while you fall asleep, little do you know im still haunted by the memeories, little do you know im trying to make things better piece by piece.
I've been off social media for awhile now, but I usually just use them to see what's going on it the world lol
I slammed my head once into a locker pretty hard, I ended up with a red forehead the rest of the day.