Surviving the Clique

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TeamDarkSkin By Naturally_Chocolate Completed
Five best friends start a clique of their own and girls envy them the head girl in charge is Bianca the rich stuck up snobby rich girl who thinks well knows she is better than everyone else.Follow her and her friends in this tough journey in high school with each other .Will their strong personalities and hatred towards each other cause them to break up and become enemies? Or will they put their differences aside and learn to deal with each other?
    If your not on my level then your a lame bitch!
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I don't usually self advertise like this but I'm a tiny bit desperate haha. Anyways I have a clique fanfic out right now and if you could check it out I would really appreciate it... thanks. :)
Georgina is totally Kristen from Lisi Harrison's The Clique...
read the clique books cuz this is similar in some ways but ur right they arnt the same
Soo .. Lemme get this straight. Stephanie is basically a Thot (hoe). ?!?
the characters REMIND me of the clique. especially the poor one is like Kristen
ya the poor girl totally is kristen all the way just saying but i think it will be good so im reading on