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Awkward: Sam Winchester x Reader

Awkward: Sam Winchester x Reader

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lacey186 By lacey186 Updated Feb 01, 2016

You paced by the motel door nervously. Sam and Dean had been gone for over an hour. It was supposed to be an easy salt and burn. It was really nothing special. A ghost that wasn't all that powerful and was nothing out of the ordinary. Well, as ordinary as a ghost can get. But now the worst possible situations were racing through your mind. What if Sam was hurt, trapped, or... No. You weren't going your let mind wander to that. Of course you were worrying about Dean too, but you always had a special bond with the younger Winchester. Sure, you thought both the brothers were quite the attractive men, but Sam was just perfect in your eyes. He was always so kind and caring, especially to you. Sam treated you like the most delicate thing in the world and was hesitant to leave you alone whenever he left for a hunt. You knew you could fend for yourself, at least more than Sam made it look like by the way he treated you, but you didn't mind it. You loved tall guys, and Sam was just that. His ha...

this is so adorable! You're an amazing writer! This gives me the warm and fuzzies.
Cookieraven Cookieraven Sep 20, 2016
Me: Wink at me one more time, I'll castrate you. Right here. Right. Now.*eyes turn pink , red and feline*
                              Dean: ...*blinks* Whoa the cat has claws! 
                              Me: *eyes turn normal* no I have knives *takes out throwing knives* but *throws one t the dart board* *bullseye* same thing..
Natalie_the_hunter Natalie_the_hunter Oct 29, 2016
Yeah I totally won't be awkward. *starts laughing uncontrollably* Dammit I was awkward.
partipatil05 partipatil05 Oct 13, 2016
Yes, I do, but that's not an excuse for waking me up by making me think I'm getting chloroformed!
yolo_poohbear yolo_poohbear Aug 04, 2016
*accidentally sneezes on sam* DAMNIT EMILY WHY ARE YOU SO AWKWARD????????
CDbutter CDbutter Jun 15, 2016
Why does this resemble me in so many ways? 
                              If I ever date a guy, this is how I'd probably act around him.