Blind Love (Edited)

Blind Love (Edited)

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Landon Valentine has been blind since he was four years old. Since then, he's lived a life full of pain and isolation. All of his life, he's been longing for the kind of love his mother and his father had when his father was alive. But this kind of love seems impossible due to the fact that he's blind. No one takes the time to get to know him and he is sure no one ever will. In his prayers, he asks for someone who will see him as the person he is and not be limited to seeing his blindness. And one day, a person like that shows up.
     Lauren Reyes is moving to Sacramento from her hometown, Santa Barbara. She is sad because she's leaving everything she knows behind, but at the same time she's happy because she's leaving one very painful memory behind: "love disaster." But she, too,wants to know the meaning of true love. She wants a love that she can call her own and not hurt her.
     Throughout the pain and isolation, these two don't know that the wish they're asking for is in each other.

Hopefully it is completely edited. If you catch any mistakes, please let me know. 

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But of a plot hole. You keep referring to him being four years old and him being on the womb when the accident happe ed
I think that should say going to be a possibility :D i just started this story and its pretty nice so far xd
rubyarielle rubyarielle Aug 28
God does not let bad things happen it's Satan the devil that controls the world and u can not just except the good and not the bad from god
KHTurley KHTurley Jun 13
Love the story so far, I saw you mentioned it was edited and if there were any mistakes to let you know. In this sentence it's "her" is it supposed to be "he?". Can't wait to read on !! 🙌
*starts singing all the Virgen church song* A te virgensita, mi guadalupana.......
aug2dmin aug2dmin Dec 24, 2016
                              SHE HISPANIC
                              FINALLY OMG 
                              A HISPANIC CHILD IN A STORY
                              THANK YOU AUTHOR THANK YOU