Man Of The Moon || Ziall || (Book 1)

Man Of The Moon || Ziall || (Book 1)

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There's a legend about A man and a moon. They call it Man Of The Moon. People always told me that the legend is true but I never believed any of that garbage. But that's in till one night changed my life. I met Him.. 

He Would always watch me, but when when I turned around he would be gone. I tried to chase him once it didn't work out like I wanted to, he got away. But sometimes when he would stand at night I would watch him. He always stared at Moon for some reason. Every night with a Umbrella. It kind of freaked me out a bit. But I never dared to ask him.

One day I finally had the courage to go up to him when he was staring at the moon. I walked turds him and he snapped his head to me. I jumped but he's eyes never left mine.

The Question that never leaves my mind suddenly rushed out of my mouth "Are you the Man Of The Moon?" 

Before I could take back what I said a Deep husky evil chuckle came out of his mouth. Then he spoke "Didn't you know Curiosity Killed The Cat?"

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Kang_Chae_Min Kang_Chae_Min May 13, 2017
Hello past me... you should've slit his throat when you had the chance. It's to late now.
Olivia5Hemmings Olivia5Hemmings Jan 19, 2017
But what if the cat is you Zayn and you're really hot so therefore I'm okay with that
ziallfiles ziallfiles Aug 13, 2016
I wanted to laugh but remembered I used to do this when I was 6