Mated To My Doom

Mated To My Doom

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Jada By xX_Jada_Xx Completed

 One little word. One big concept. 
A belief that someone, somewhere, is holding the key to your heart. 

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but whose to say they're not the same.

Killers, notes, blood, and mystery. 
Love, lies, and bad history. 

Hunter Rivered is the most powerful werewolf in charge of the strongest pack. He never thought much of having a mate. He'd much rather be destroying other packs, killing other wolves and training.

Rosalyn Edwards on the other hand has always imagined her life with a mate. She was just a regular wolf in the Silver Heart Pack, who is as sweet as the name of her pack. All she wanted was to finish high school then travel the world- I know, very un-wolfish. 

What happens when the horrid Hunter Rivered decided to make a claim on Rose's Pack territory? Rose was never good at fighting. She could barely squash a spider,  so how far would she go to protect her family?
 Or herself. 

Hunter is possessive, protective and strict.

Rose is kind, stubborn and good-natured. 

You know what they say, opposites attract, and mates are forever.

Read to find what happens when these two opposites find them self connected in more than one way.

Cover by @lisannemeijs

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XxshinepupxX XxshinepupxX Nov 01, 2017
That's pretty ironic saying that silver is deadly to werewolves.....
YesImAKid YesImAKid Jan 23
That's rude and cruel but adorable at the same time. Love me
Many might not understand but Eminem’s songs got me through some tough times.
coral538 coral538 Jan 19
U better back tf up cause u can't control me...u got that😑
Curls8 Curls8 Jan 27
Do u know what rape is? It’s a guys inserting himself in u without permission, not just a simple bite on the neck
aestheticalsx28 aestheticalsx28 Dec 05, 2017
Excuse you, it's her choice wether or not she wants to reject you, not yours buddy boy.