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More Than Just A Maid

More Than Just A Maid

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yourkpopimagines By yourkpopimagines Completed

(Y/n) is an 18 year old girl in college who just got a part time job, she has to clean up after seven gorgeous guys. One day though, her mom has a family emergency resulting in (y/n) having to live with those seven guys! Because she has to live there, naturally, (y/n) starts developing feelings for a certain someone or someones. Join (y/n) on her journey through thick and thin in this house, you never know what kind of situations are just around the corner.

My parents don't even try to wake me up, it's my fault if I don't wake up on time and I have to face the consequences. Or they will deliberately wake me up 3 hour before I have to wake up. T
jeonpoop jeonpoop Jan 21
Im in charge of waking the whole family up for their sch and work even though i dont go to sch
Bellenhan17 Bellenhan17 Jan 25
LOL!! Already cracking me up, thank you so much such a great and hilarious story!
minminni02 minminni02 Dec 30, 2016
So me happens daily
                              Old 1st grade friend: ommo i havebt seen you after 1st grade 
                              Me: hehe MOM CODE 28 THERES A BOY TRYiNG TO STEAL MONEY FROM ME
                              1st grade friend: forget it 
                              Me: bye cute boy
ha, you're close, I'm swing both ways but that's why I do t date. I just have impossibly high standards that someone like me shouldn't have
llama_alien_alpaca llama_alien_alpaca Dec 18, 2016
Everyone is saying how this is mom goal but I'm just here with a mom that actually acts like that XD