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Human To Vampire (UkUs)

Human To Vampire (UkUs)

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NeverEnoughUkUs By NeverEnoughUkUs Updated Sep 12, 2014

When England finds America down by his doorway half-dead, something was off. Alfred seemed sort of, pale. His eyes seemed to glow quite a bit more than it's usual brightness. The sun burned the young American easily and his usual fat foods didn't appeal to him quite as much... It's only when the fangs were added to the picture when realization hit the two. Although nearly impossible, Arthur came to the obvious conclusion that Alfred was now in fact a vampire.   (Meh, I'm bad at these summary stuffz....... Oh whale! Sooo there is yaoi in this fanfiction [ hence the tags and pairing ] This fanfiction will go from seriousness to the derpiest shiat, so heads up for that! This leans more towards UkUs than UsUk though… Actually it leans towards it a lot..! Oh well, please comment on how I can improve! I'll shut up now....)

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor you could just go get some gas on the way
GlitchyPix GlitchyPix Mar 13
                              HIGHER ON THE STREET, AND I KNOW IT'S MY TIME TO GO
Culprit: I'm here behind the bush having a campfire, want some s'mores??
the head bleeds a lot more and a lot harder then other parts of the body and the neck is sooooooooo close to the heart that if a vain gets punctured you can very very VERY quickly bleed out
japan: *looks up* theres a disterbance in the force 
                              SOMEONE IS A WORSE DRIVER THEN ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GlitchyPix GlitchyPix Mar 13
What are you doing? Alfred, you watch a lot of horror movies! You know the clichés! Rustling in a bush mean fûcking death! Run motherfûcker, RUN!!!