A Beautifully Insane Four Letter Word ( Tate Langdon fanfic )

A Beautifully Insane Four Letter Word ( Tate Langdon fanfic )

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Emily By Swiftly_Dreaming Completed

"Oh my god Tate, what did you do!" I yelled. 

"I'm sorry I wasn't thinking!" Tate yelled back. 

"Well obviously! Now it's gonna look like my mom killed a little boy, it doesn't look too good that his dead body is in my moms bedroom!" 

"Lily don't worry about that I can hide the body and Moria can clean up the mess, and I do recall that killing him sorta saved you"

Caribbeanbih Caribbeanbih 6 days ago
Boonk gang bîtch im bolting🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼
You could care less? As in, you are able to care less? So you care a little bit?
Night12crow Night12crow Sep 06
i hate to be that person but everytime someone says this wrong i get so angry ohmygod
Now you see what happened was
                              // -grabs Tate's mouth- hush up
bookworm6525 bookworm6525 2 days ago
tate.tate.tate.tate.quit.saying.tates.name.stop.fan.girling.alex.please.i.need.to.breathe.goodbye, i am going to look up tates face an dstare at it all day. XD
Night12crow Night12crow Sep 06
honestly he just wantes the puseee he doesnt care how he gets it