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ღ Brittany ღ By xoglitterxo Completed

(NEW COVER 10/18/15)
      Highest Ranking: #212 Romance - 5/5/15
    "Some secrets aren't worth telling. Trust me, I have my fair share of them, and for the sake of everyone, I plan on keeping them to myself. My past is my past, and it's going to stay that way."
      Emily Brazki's life mainly consists of cotillions, parties, rich (and, therefore, busy) parents, and complicated romance.
      Although, to a stranger, her life may seem ideal and perfect, it is anything but.
      After all, the cons always tag alongside the pros: ugly drama, fake friends, destructive secrets, scandalous lies, the occasional party, and tears. Lots of tears.
      Add a hint of stress, a drizzle of bad history, a few teaspoons of intricate relationships, and a splatter of alcohol, and you've got the recipe for disaster.
      (Some of my quotes were found on Tumblr/from songs)

pilliss_page394 pilliss_page394 Apr 25, 2016
I already feel identified with emily-except for the silent part haha
wanderbliss wanderbliss Nov 21, 2015
it seems like a monotonous life but she have 3 great friends so it makes everything better. I'm curious about her past, those secrets that aren't worth telling.
lizziejacko12 lizziejacko12 Oct 30, 2015
When it said my chauffer bailee did anyone else think of muffys chauffer from Arthur
Sugar_and_Poison Sugar_and_Poison Jan 05, 2015
Yes! Some secrets might be so deep and dark and cruel for people to handle..... Lol my secrets aren't cruel and dark but they are weird.
- - Dec 09, 2014
Hey srry but do u mind following  me and reading  my story ....don't feel obligated to do it and if possible  premote my story
YourFavoriteNerd YourFavoriteNerd Oct 13, 2014
If that happened with me: 
                              Me: *Crawls to boy*
                              Mom: OH. NUH UH SWEETIE. *throws boy out of window*