Poem written about my  childhood sweetheart,i have held alot back on this as it was a 32 line competition,soon i will put the whole thing up,if you would like that of course....
Wow....very well written. Very good. 
                                    And what shocks me is I have no criticism...none..that rarely ever happens  *claps* 
                                    Well done. But we shall see what lies ahead with the next poem I will read.
Thank you, Im not familiar with that Irish poem but look forward to reading it. Thanks again. 8-)
@Megabucks thank you so much for a fantastic comment, im really glad you enjoyed it,cheers
Beautiful, lovely and incredibly written.  Loved your descriptions and how it read like a story.  Well, well done.
@Randomteen948 @Randomteen948 thank you for taking the time to read it.
This is a really lovely poem I really liked the last stanza :)