Not All Twins Bend the Same Element (Avatar the Last Airbender)

Not All Twins Bend the Same Element (Avatar the Last Airbender)

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karebear By krazygrl123 Updated Nov 06, 2015

Katara and her twin sister Kayta are benders from the Southern Water Tribe. However they do not bend the same element.

   Katara is a waterbender, but Kayta is a firebender. That's not the only thing that is different about Kayta though. She has two different colored eyes, silver and amber, red hair, and she did not inherit the olive skin that her whole family has. 

     Kayta and her sister are extremely different, but they both want the same thing. To learn how to bend properly. 

     Maybe helping the Avatar will help Kayta understand why she is so different, and how to control such a difficult element.

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jasmine779 jasmine779 Apr 24, 2017
What next is Aang's  scar gonna be in the shape of a lightning bolt( wait that's a good idea )
WitherKing12 WitherKing12 Jul 12, 2017
If he is keeping weirdness to himself then why is he even in the show at all.
SalixEnder03 SalixEnder03 Mar 09, 2017
                              Harry Potter and Hamilton references be the best.
Fight_The_Faries Fight_The_Faries Dec 29, 2017
At first I read 'I felt cold, heat behind us' and I was like well that's an oxymoron for you.
You know I could just picture them trading lines back and forth
Mysterious as the dark side of the moo- xD whoops wrong story