Troubles! (Bnha Various x Reader)

Troubles! (Bnha Various x Reader)

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(L/n) (F/n) is hard at work at home taking care of her hectic family. She has dreams of going to the most prestigious school in Japan, UA High, where she wants to train to become a hero. 

Quirk: Water/Wind Control
(F/n) is able to control any water around her or summon it using the water in her body. She can use moisture in the air as well. Though using it for to long can easily make her dehydrated. This quirk she inherited from her mother and is the strongest out of her quirks. Her second quirk allows her to control the air around her but it is a little difficult for her and works best in stormy weather or a windy day. This quirk she got from her father. 

If you can't handle it there's cussing/swear words in here cause well it's Katsuki. There might be ships you don't approve of. Please don't complain about it in the comments. There will most likely be boy x boy and girl x girl. Don't like it don't read it. With that I hope you enjoy the story. 

- Story/Cover by me 

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