Cut [Jeff the killer love story]. COMPLETED

Cut [Jeff the killer love story]. COMPLETED

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Jeff the Killer Love Story

Emily has been there with Jeffery from the start, everything that has happened to him she had encountered.

When Jeffery moves across the street from Emily's house, her and Jeff had become friends. She saw the fight she saw him on fire. And she saw him turn into Jeff The Killer...

Now Emily and Jeff are running away together. Will they survive?

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GO LIU FIGHT THOSE BULLIES!!! (I know alllll pf Jeffs story so i know that is Liu and the younger kid is Jeff
AnotherFreakyPerson AnotherFreakyPerson Jun 07, 2017
Abused every day but still has a t.v in bedroom? Not hating on the book just. Really.
Just saying, if you're new in my school and you're a lonely Emo/very introverted person you can come my fu cking way. PlEASE
franktres franktres Jan 14, 2017
"They're coming to get you Barbara" if anyone got the reference you get a cookie
AHS_fangirl AHS_fangirl Jan 04, 2016
Compared to the other JTK stories I like it better because it doesn't start out with "I saw him out my window." or he didn't kill her because she was so pretty. Thank you so much for a different introduction that was actually relatable. 
                              ok my rant is over
Lilly_Chan1 Lilly_Chan1 Dec 12, 2015
I noticed that in almost every Jeff the killer stories I've read, the the main character, besides Jeff; has a terrible life: bullying abuse etc. Its weird