Ayame (OHSHC)

Ayame (OHSHC)

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Samantha By IXXNerdGirlXXI Updated Aug 24, 2017

"It all started that day when I walked into the Host Club, and they proceeded to walk into my heart forever...."

This is a story about a girl and her journey through life as she rebuilds her broken pieces. 
When Ayame Goto finally has a chance to go to Ouran Academy with her twin brother she is ecstatic, that is until she has an unfortunate run in with a group of troublesome boys calling themselves the Host Club. 
After Ayame and her new friend, Haruhi Fujioka, both break a priceless vase, both girls are forced to work off their debt which unknowingly is the start of crazy friendships, outrages adventures and young love. 
But when Ayama's darker past begins to become revealed, can the group save her from it all, or worse yet, will they want to? 

This book is funny and upbeat most of the time, but I like to write about the good and the bad so some things mentioned may be triggering.

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andwedream andwedream Mar 06, 2016
I can already tell this is gun be amazinggg anyone with me eyy?? I MEAN LOOK AT THAT. LOOK AT IT. a piece of artwork or uh something ><
Le_Cookie_Jar Le_Cookie_Jar Mar 27, 2016
Just finished the anime a minute ago. I TOTALLY FELL IN LOOOOOOVE. But since I cant read the manga ( :'( ), I'm just gonna read fanfics instead~
- - Jan 12, 2016
Hikaru and Kaoru walked onto my heart,  stole it, then made it fangirl from their hotness.
AnimatorOfSouls AnimatorOfSouls Dec 04, 2015
Woooww you totally didn't take those names from fruits basket :/
AnimatorOfSouls AnimatorOfSouls Nov 20, 2015
Did you use the two names on purpose? Cuz they sound like Ayame and Akito from fruits basket :P
0MG_its_P1CKlES 0MG_its_P1CKlES Oct 26, 2015
I just wanted to comment before reading this that the summary is amazing!!!