Dare To Be Something More (Raura)

Dare To Be Something More (Raura)

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Jennifer Marie By jen41319 Updated Jan 13, 2017

Ross and Laura. to very different, yet much alike 17 year olds who share a dark past of neglect, Abuse, and Self-hate.  Laura Marano is an out cast at Marino Highschool. Students call her a whore, slut, and fat. They don't know her story behind it. No one knows what happens behind closed doors.. Laura does cut. She doesn't do it for attention like most think. Laura wants to die. And go to Heaven.

Ross Lynch is the kid no one knows at Marano High. He's the kid everyone is afraid of. But no one ever knew why.

Everyday he must put on a tough face and go through the day pretending nothing bad ever happened

But on the inside 

He's slowly crashing down into pieces

Ross is a cutter like Laura as well 

He lives with his siblings and a family friend for reasons he doesn't want to deal with

they rely on each other for everything. but his family knows what he is going through. because they went through the exact same thing...none of them want help, treatment, or a medical explanation. Ross wants everything to go back. the way it was before any of this ever started.

One day. 

The individuals meet.

And the rest is history.

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Ausllyfanfics2512 Ausllyfanfics2512 Nov 21, 2015
i know it probably won't happen, but if Laura marano like...reads this, don't you think she'd be offended your using her mom and dad's real names, and saying her dad abuses her!
rauranabet rauranabet Sep 05, 2015
My summer was horrible. Raura still hasn't happened. ... you?
tattymartha tattymartha Aug 20, 2015
love the book I think the first chapter is emotional but also very great it's gets me every time :'-(
CaptainFanfic CaptainFanfic Aug 10, 2015
(To Jen)well Jen I red your last story and it was great but if u wanna stop it I'm ok with it (walks away)WHYYYY!!!
daniellejenaecolston daniellejenaecolston Apr 12, 2015
Love this love the quote at the end it's one of my favorites
iloveraura818 iloveraura818 Jul 08, 2014
I really like it. Reminds me of some what me 2 years ago without the kidnapped mom part