Celebrity Baby Project (Complete)

Celebrity Baby Project (Complete)

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Celebrity Baby Project


I made my way to the dance floor with the girls as “Ayy Ladies” by Travis Porter came on I felt someone’s hands come around my waist. I turned ready to tell the dude off when I looked up into familiar blue-green eyes. “Rozelle?” I questioned. “Still shaking that ass I see black beauty.” He said in that husky voice of his. 

“How the hell did you get here? Isn’t this a private party?” I asked him.
 He merely smirked and said, “Well I am a friend of the boyfriend so I guess I have a right to be here.” 
“Well I guess we have catching up to do.” I said. 
“Yah I guess we do ma especially with your ass shaking like that.” He whispered in my ear. 

Rozelle Mercado is a 25 year old successful NFL football player who is longing for a child. after seeing so many of his coworkers with their wives and children. 

Enter Saphique Vonce a 24 year old superstar who has convinced herself you don't need love to start a family. She just wants kids without all the extra baggage.

So when the two old friends meet up a party reminiscing turns into a baby agreement.

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