I Saw the Lights Go Out

I Saw the Lights Go Out

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The United Kingdom isn't so united anymore. Rebellions nobody can even remember the cause of, cause panic throughout what's left of Great Britain. The Government have one too many secrets and Dan Howell is about to know them all. Of course, it isn't his fault his dad's an egotistical liar and his mum's a sociopath. And it definitely is not his fault he was captured by the Rebels. However, it was completely his fault when a super-advanced highly dangerous humanoid species begins slowly taking over. Oops?

Just for clarification: this is a Phan (Danisnotonfire x AmazingPhil) fic! 

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these people because that would be slavery and slavery is illegal, also I'm not that rich. None of the events in this story actually happened (duh) and Phan is (apparently) not real. Enjoy!

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i just saw the comment before me talking about kinks and oh my god i love you
kaitlynmarieaus kaitlynmarieaus Feb 26, 2016
just a small little thingy I thought I would say..psychopathy is not a synonym for crazy
vibrantfreckles vibrantfreckles Jul 02, 2016
Dude you can eat tea? That's amazing! 
                              (Don't worry I think it's funny)
ryanrawrs ryanrawrs Jul 29, 2016
Um hello, we're gonna need an ambulance, someone just got bURNED
engrofal_ engrofal_ Jan 16, 2017
"He's not my type"
                              "He's my type"
                              PLEASE SOMEONE KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT
sprked sprked Mar 29, 2016
it IS the motherfucking sun from the teletubbies hello philup