La Notte Series: Castle Glass

La Notte Series: Castle Glass

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[Editing 13/25] Marcus Stryke has paved his way in life, building his empire from the ground up with a keen business sense and sharp wit that lead him through his success. His fame,fortune and power came with a price. With no trust in people and love, he kept his heart locked in a box and keys thrown away. However, one look at a pair of soulful amethyst eyes and delicate features tilted his world. Marcus knew he was headed from a ride at the innocence that beckon at him.  

The immediate attraction he felt for the other man almost floored him, as he looked for a way into that person's heart which seems by all means fearful on dominating and powerful men. The chase is on for Marcus to look for a way put that fragile heart together.

Gabriel Summers is a renowned heart surgeon at the pinnacle of his career. A chance meeting with a man and his world tilts on its axis. Captured and tormented, he crumbles under the hellish life but Fate seemed to decide to throw him a rope and haul him out but the broken heart and fragile man he is now is fighting a battle he isn't sure he can win. Especially with a madman chasing him, determined to possess him. 

Will Marcus and Gabriel find their way and beat all odds or will they be pulled apart on this journey?

  • adventure
  • bdsm
  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • violence
Dutzel Dutzel Jul 27, 2017
That was the first song I knew from them....they made really good music!!! Love them still. 
                               #heartbroken  #chesterbennigtonisperfect
-ReignAdore -ReignAdore Aug 21, 2016
JAKIE!!!! UGH MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
                              THATS RIGHT BITCHES IM BACK! 
KaySetonks KaySetonks Jul 30, 2015
certainly caught my attention........marcus intends to persue gabriel?.....Hope he catches him!
Master_eve Master_eve Apr 21, 2015
I like their old stuff better but they have some good new songs
DianeCorporan DianeCorporan Oct 01, 2014
Question is this the first book or second cause now I'm confused now just wanted to know ...
TheAlev TheAlev Jun 29, 2014
would it be too much and too early if i say am already in love with Marcus? lol
                              ps: if u don't hear from me  in the next few chapters then u should know that am too hooked to mind leaving chapters and desperate to know what happens next ;D