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Stay//Selena Gomez

Stay//Selena Gomez

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Bitchdoe By bitchdoe Completed

Selena Gomez and Harry Styles where in a relationship they were deeply in love, they never really had a committed relationship they just loved eachother company but they knew they loved eachother one day selena gets pregnant and she wants to tell Harry that the baby is his but she finds him cheating on her she has nothing left to do but leave, leave Harry and start her brand new life with her baby  

1 years past and selena is going strong she gave birth to a beautiful daughter name Melony Elena Gomez, 

when Melony turns 10 she wants to find her real father all she knows is how he looks only by the photo selena gave her she wants to find her father and bring him back where he belongs which is her FAMILY Will Harry stay? 

how will Harry react knowing he has a daughter??

Will Harry and selena have the same spark?

Will selena and Harry still  love eachother?

Will they ever be a happy family?

read and find out on "stay"

  • family
  • gomez
  • harry
  • melony
  • selena
  • styles