Grizzly (The Realms, #1)

Grizzly (The Realms, #1)

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Bonnie Bliss By BonnieBliss Updated Oct 04, 2014

Chapter One

Valentines Eve

Carl Walker knew his wife like no one else did. A romantic, she was down to earth, and loved simple things. This was their first time alone in twenty-three years, ever since the birth of their daughter Sorscha. A huge smile adorned his face as he listened to Annie sing in the shower. This was special. Valentine 's Day was special, Annie was special. The night was closing in; snow had fallen the day before. Nothing major, only an inch or so.

The Happy Inn Motel stood less than fifteen miles from their house. The perfect getaway, yet if a crisis call came, they could be home in twenty minutes or so. Carl pulled his robe closed and stood by the window. The main road was deserted; light snow had started again. Distant trees hid the sinking sun and the night waved it goodbye. Deep blues and purples filled the sky where clouds floated like tissues. The sun was gone in a few minutes, just as the shower stopped and Annie walked into the room.

"Hey, handsome...

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